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Make Movie Memories with Your Own Home Theater

In these uncertain times you want to make sure that your family stays in the safest place imaginable; your home. Making your home an exciting place to be will bring your family closer together and may provide a lifelong gift of togetherness. Building memories with your family in our modern world is difficult. Our phones provide us with constant distraction leaving us looking for any reason to unplug and relax with our loved ones.

Especially during this global pandemic, it is important to provide your family with memorable experiences that will last them a life time. Going to the movies is a beloved tradition in many families and with most theaters being closed, now is the perfect time to bring the movies home. Build the tradition of family movie night into your home by installing a home theater.

A tried and true tradition.

Imagine it’s a Friday night. You and your spouse are tired after a long week of work and the kids are itching to do something exciting to kick off their weekend. There is no need to go out because the theater is in your home. You pop some popcorn and enjoy a cold refreshment while you recline in the best seat in the house. You get to relax and enjoy a flick while your family is sharing memories.

With so many different screens fighting for our children’s attention, a home theater will provide them with an exciting experience that beats anything on their phone or tablet. Let your family get entranced in the magic of the movies with a beautiful screen and perfectly engineered surround sound. Gone are the days when you will have to beg your children or teens to spend time as a family. A home theater gives you a unique space to build those family traditions.

A place to gather

Not only does a home theater bring your family closer together under the safety of you roof, but it brings your entire community together. Keeping teenagers out of trouble can be a full-time job. With a home theater you won’t have to worry where your kids and their friends are spending their time. You can be sure that they are staying safe and sound in your home as they watch their favorite movies, tv shows, and YouTube content in your home theater.

Home theaters are also a great place to gather to watch sports. Having the guys over to drink a few cold ones and watch the Red Wings dominate the Atlantic Conference has never been better. Feel every check, tackle, and dunk as you watch sports with your friends in your own home theater. You can be the ultimate fan because you can cheer as loudly as you see fit in your own home.

Home theaters provide the greatest excuse to have extended family over. Watch your favorite holiday movies while lounging in a recliner, after you’ve stuffed yourself with your favorite holiday meal. Spending time together with extended family in your home theater is a great way to gather the family without an enormous expense. The best part is, no one will shush you if you get carried away in family conversation.

Is a home theater worth the money?

When you consider the wide range of uses for your home theater, the value of installing one is clear. The price of tickets at the movie theater have increased exponentially over the past ten years. A family of four can spend an average of fifty dollars per visit on tickets alone. Movie theater concessions can double this price tag for a simple two-hour experience. Your home theater provides an alternative by limiting the cost per experience. Over time, your home theater will eventually pay for itself when you consider the amount of money you will save by avoiding costly theaters.

Your home theater also provides you a place to watch sports and special events. You will save more money by watching your favorite sports teams in your home instead of your favorite sports bar. A home theater gives you a reason to hold gatherings in your home instead of going out and spending extensive amounts of money. Over time, these saved expenses add up to show that installing a theater in your own home is worth the initial cost in the long run.

Is a home theater something you really need?

Close to a thousand movie theaters have closed permanently since the start od 2020. Cinemas that have been around forever are closing their doors for good. Many theaters throughout the Metro Detroit area have closed this year adding to this number. With the pandemic, many theaters have closed their doors temporarily, but the number of theaters that will survive the extended shut down is truly unknown. The chance to go see a new movie in the cinema is slipping away.

Now, with streaming services more accessible than ever, many studios are releasing their films directly to streaming. This will continue to cause movie theaters to close across the country as many will opt to watch new films at home instead of dealing with the high prices at the theater.

With a home theater, you could watch new blockbuster movies on the screen they were made to be shown on, in the comfort of your own home. Your family will not miss out on the cinematic experience that so many Americans grew up with. Now more than ever it is important to uphold the experiences that bring people together. Watching a new blockbuster film in your home theater allows you to keep the cinematic experience alive and well for your family.

At the end of the day, a home theater can provide your family with a sense of togetherness. With a wide access to current blockbuster movies through streaming services now is the best time to get the most out of your home theater. Installing a home theater may seem like a large investment of time and space, but the value it will provide your family through shared memories is truly priceless.

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