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7 Reasons to Invest in a Home Theater System Right Now

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Picture this:

It’s the weekend, and all you want to do is grab some snacks, gather your family or friends, and enjoy a chill evening at the movies. You want to immerse yourself in an ultra-HD, surround sound experience where all your worries and stress melt away. An evening at the cinema was a regular part of your everyday life before times became turbulent and cinemas shut down. If you’re wondering how to enjoy your downtime with a great movie and lots of snacks, read on. We have the perfect solution: bring the theater home.

Yes, we mean that literally! A home theater system is an incredibly smart investment in these difficult times. Not only do you get the cinema experience at home, but you save on a lot of running costs from buying movie tickets, time and time again. Keep reading to find out why you should invest in your home theater system right away!

#1: It’s Cheaper

You don’t have to be a finance whizz to figure this one out. Even if you found a commercial movie theater that was still screening shows, you’d have to pay an average of approx. $9 per show. And that’s for one person. Not to mention the overpriced movie theater snacks you would then have to buy. Once you bring the movie home, you don’t have to hand over your hard-earned money to a concession stand. You can eat and watch what you want without paying those pesky costs every single time.

#2: There’s Endless Content

When you go to the movie theater, you typically watch one showing and come back. Not only do you not get to pause or rewind the movie, but you also can’t choose what you want to watch. It’s the opposite with your own home theater system. You have an endless amount of content to choose from, and it’s not just limited to movies. You can easily use multiple subscription services to watch your favorite shows, documentaries, movies, and so much more!

#3: It’s Clean

Have you ever sat down in a movie theater only to find something sticky on the seat? Movie theaters see a lot of traffic, and the seats and surrounding areas aren’t typically cleaned meticulously. Now imagine having a theater in your own home. You’ll have full control of cleanliness, aesthetic and much more with your home theater chairs. You can furnish it how you like, too. You can even watch movies while being nestled in a plush couch because hey, it’s your theater!

#4: It’s Private

Maybe you’re the kind of movie-goer who enjoys talking throughout the show. Or perhaps you prefer to watch in complete silence and hate noisy theater-goers. Either way, you’ll find complete privacy and control when you install your own home theater system. You can keep talking to your friends and family while the movie plays or enjoy peaceful silence during the show. You won’t have to put up with typical movie theater annoyances like wailing children, people talking on their cellphones, loud chewers and more. Your own home theater system means freedom from any and all extraneous disturbances.

#5: It’s Better Quality

A commercial movie theater might offer a gigantic screen, but it comes with a bunch of drawbacks, like the ones we’ve discussed above. Once you install your own home theater system, you can play around with a lot of different displays and get the best, most immersive picture possible. What’s more, the deep black levels and sharpness offered by home display systems have proven far superior to an average movie theater screen. We at HT USA Solutions work with several high-quality brands to bring the movie theater to your home. So, whether you’re looking for a TV screen or a true-tone projector, we’ve got it all. We can design your space, your way and make sure everything from the aesthetics to the seating, and the display are just how you want them.

#6: There’s Custom Sound

The best thing about watching a movie in the theater is simply the loudness of the sound. You feel truly immersed in the content when you feel enveloped by the zings, thuds, clinks and more. However, while movie theaters have tons of speakers, they don’t necessarily provide the best quality of sound. You might not even know what you’re missing out on until you invest in your home theater system.

When we design a home theater system for our clients, we ensure that the sound is custom-tailored not only to the room, but to every seat in the room. This means taking it a level above basic surround sound. We do this by concealing speakers in different crevices in the home theater, so once you sit down to watch your movie, you’re completely immersed in it. What’s more, the sound is tailored according to your preferences, and you have complete control over audio levels, mode of sound, and more.

#7: It’s Just Cool

Not that you need us telling you this, but having a home theater system automatically ups your street cred by a lot. It’s just so impressive to have a cinematic experience available right in your own home. And you don’t even need to dress up to get to it! Your friends and family will love coming over and organizing movie nights, among other events. There won’t be a dull evening in your house again. You can enjoy endless quality time, top tier entertainment and nonstop fun once you invest in your own home theater system.

The Bottom Line:

For those of you who’re on the fence because movie theaters show the latest releases, don’t worry. Even if you can’t watch a movie on the day, it comes out, at least you won’t be compromising on the quality in terms of picture or sound. Movie theaters don’t offer the sharpest displays or finely calibrated surround sound. You can easily watch new blockbusters in a couple of weeks at home and thoroughly enjoy the experience as it was meant to be enjoyed.

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